Our History

This great ministry that is Faithful Deliverance Temple started with a street and a prison ministry. After Bishop Grazzal had been ministering on the street for about five years, he received a vision that he was running to catch a tall man who was walking ahead of him. The man took him to a building that had velvet chairs and microphones. The man then disappeared into a two-story building.

After he awoke, there a knock at Bishop Grazzal's door. It was his landlord's son. He inquired of the young man if his father was renting a space that could be used for church services. The young man said that his father was not; however, he knew of someone that might. Bishop Grazzal immediately asked the young man to take him to the building. When he got there, he looked through the window and realized that this was the exact place that God was showing him in his vision.

Bishop Grazzal later met with the owner of the building and after looking at the place, told him that if he did not rent him the building, the Lord would burn it down. After the owner left, Bishop Grazzal prayed in the sanctuary and the Lord revealed to him that His church is not run by experience, but by the Holy Spirit. Upon leaving the church, Bishop Grazzal met two ladies; one gave him two $50 bills and the other a $100 bill. Later, he received a call from the owner who told him that he would rent him the church for $200. But, God was already ahead of him.

In 1977, a building was established for Faithful Deliverance Temple. The congregation consisted of the people who Bishop Grazzal met during his street ministry, amongst others. Two years later, the congregation had outgrown the building so they relocated to 769 NW 111th Street.

In 2007, Bishop Grazzal got a vision from God to build a new sanctuary. God told him exactly how to build the sanctuary including the location of the pulpit and the type of windows to be used. A few weeks later the owner of the east lot informed Bishop that the lot was for sale. This lot would be the new home of Faithful Deliverance Temple.

The 300-seat building was built in eight years. Eight years of sweat; eight years of prayers; eight years of fasting; eight years of perseverance which all led to a new beginning. "If it had not been the Lord who was on our side..."  Psalm 124:2