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We would like your financial and in-kind support to reach the poor, broken-hearted, captives, blind and the bruised for the Kingdom of God. Your donation will be sewn into good ground. Our newly-built multi-purpose facility will be used to provide a variety of programs that will meet the needs of our community.

In-kind donations will help with our mission of spreading the word of God. We are seeking donations in the form of a bus or other motor vehicle that is able to transport many people at once. Whether it is bussing to church services or other church activities, your donations will be put to good use. You may also donate perishable and non-perishable items to help with our varying programs and activities.

Financial donations may be made with either check or credit card. We use one of the largest payment processing systems on the Web, Paypal, to process our payments. That leaves you in total control of your charge card; we will never possess your charge card number.

Fill in the form below for the amount of the payment you wish to make. PayPal will transfer that amount from your PayPal account, or credit card, to ours. If you have any problems with this process, please call us for immediate assistance.

Mail a Donation.

If you prefer to make payment via company or personal check, please make it payable to "Faithful Deliverance Temple", write the purpose of the check in the memo area, and mail it to:

Faithful Deliverance Temple
769 NW 111 St.
Miami, FL  33168

Set Up A Regular Monthly Donation.

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When you click "Create Monthly Donation", you will be referred to PayPal for payment processing.

Make a one-time donation.

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