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From Our Pastors

The Hope of the Scriptures

Scripture is intended to work in us a good hope. People with hope will purify themselves, and will in many other ways, rise to a high and noble character. By the hope of the scriptures, we understand such a hope as they hold forth the hope of salvation I Thessalonians 5:8. The blessed hope and the appearing of our Lord Titus 2:13. The hope of the resurrection of the dead Acts 23:6. The hope of Glory Colossians 1:27. This is a good hope, a lively hope. The hope set before us in the gospel. Such a hope as they exhibit in the lives of saints.

A whole martyrology will be found in Hebrews 11. We see what God has done for His people and therefore, hope. We believe the promises through the word and therefore, hope. We enjoy present blessings and therefore, hope. Let us hold constant fellowship with the God of patience and consolation who is also the God of hope and let us rise to a stage of joy as the order of the Word suggests.

Experiencing God's Power

Jesus evangelized an ever-extending circle. He said, "Start where you are in Jerusalem. Go and tell people. Tell them believe and let them be filled with the Holy Spirit." Looking back on history, when God's people applied this strategy, it worked within three hundred years. It conquered the Roman Empire.

I believe that great basic spiritual force that overthrew the pagan Roman Empire was the testimony of thousands of Christian believers from different backgrounds, races, social levels and religious persuasions who said, "Jesus changed my life." Revelation 12: 7-12

May God's guidance and direction, bless you and your home

-The Right Honorable Bishop Dr .W. Grazzal & Missionary F. Grazzal